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My mission is to turn trauma into transformation.

Do your fears often hold you back from taking on new roles, from being there for the people that you love, or earning more money in a more inspiring way? If so, it's time to find your truth and start owning your power.

Working with those who have experienced domestic abuse and toxic relationships to gain your confidence and rebuild your life.

"Thank you for making me a stronger person"

"A most amazing woman. Jenny helps you to remember to concentrate on what you want for your future rather than continuing to allow your past to hold you back. Jenny is a straight talker, she gets to the point and isn't afraid to deal with the difficult areas that are really holding you back rather than poking about at the fluff you use in your veil of excuses. As well as having the right attitude Jenny also knows her stuff and is a woman to watch for the future!"
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Do you feel completely lost and life just isn't living up to expectations? 

There are many people out there that will tell you that you need to be fixed as you are broken or there is something wrong with you.

'You need to get a grip and get over it', whatever that means....

They'll say that you won't be good enough until you reach a certain weight, look or act in a certain way, or have a certain amount of income.

This is not a reflection of you and your story. Your healing and your journey, takes as long as it takes.

Are you ready to transform? 

Combining western psychology and trauma informed healing with no bull*hit coaching to help self-led individuals like you to work through your blocks, remove limiting beliefs, and overcome trauma so that you can live a balanced, meaningful and peaceful life.
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Jenn Taylor 

With over two decades of successful entrepreneurship and coaching under her belt, she faced a harrowing experience that shattered her self-esteem, confidence, and led to the loss of her businesses and home, leaving herself and her children homeless.

Add into this past trauma and disability and you have a recipe for a downward spiral although in the face of adversity, Jenn emerged stronger, utilizing her skills and education as a therapist and coach to embark on a mission: helping women rebuild their lives.


Trauma can feel like an isolating experience. It can be a life changing experience that you did not expect. It is important that you have support from those who know your story and understand what it means for you both personally and professionally.


Understanding what has happened to you can be a turbulent journey although accepting it has happened and finding your way through the other side, working with your brain and body to the capacity it allows.


Imagine living in a world where you are free to be, and do whatever, with no one watching or judging. This can sound like an impossible dream but it's not. There is such a thing as freedom from societal constraints - we just need the beliefs and motivation.

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May 30th, 2024

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