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Code Of Ethics

As a professional coach, I adhere to the highest standards of ethics and conduct within the coaching industry, including:

Scope of Coaching
- Ensure clients understand the distinction between coaching, therapy, and consulting.
- Clarify coaching's limitations regarding psychological conditions; coaches do not diagnose or treat mental illnesses.

Coaching Agreement
- Execute a coaching service agreement outlining roles, rights, responsibilities, and expectations.
- Respect the client’s right to terminate the coaching relationship per the agreement.
- Obtain written consent from parents or guardians before coaching minors.

- Transparently disclose coaching qualifications, experience, expertise, training, and certifications.
- Acknowledge and disclose any third-party materials used in coaching practice.
- Maintain an equitable coach-client relationship, independent of compensation.
- Refrain from guaranteeing outcomes beyond demonstrated capabilities.

Conflict of Interest
- Acknowledge and openly disclose any potential conflicts of interest.
- Recuse myself from situations where conflicts arise to uphold client trust and integrity.
- Address personal issues that may affect coaching performance promptly and professionally.

- Treat all clients with dignity, confidentiality, and respect.
- Safeguard client records and communications to ensure confidentiality and comply with laws.
- Obtain written permission before using client names in references or testimonials.
- Disclose the obligation to report to authorities if a client expresses intent to harm themselves or others.

I commit to upholding these principles to ensure a professional, ethical coaching practice.