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Who is Jenn Taylor?

Raised in an environment marred by domestic abuse, I grappled with its lasting impact on my adulthood. From confidence erosion and boundary struggles to accepting toxic behaviour in intimate relationships, I unknowingly continued patterns that shattered my identity. As a successful businesswoman, these patterns persisted, leading me to accept unreasonable treatment, unravelling my confidence, and decimating my life.
The aftermath left me diagnosed with complex PTSD, mentally and physically incapacitated, and ultimately homeless and reliant on aid.
The realization dawned that I wasn't the problem; it was my acceptance of unreasonable behaviour. During a vulnerable period after a major operation, my partner's betrayal triggered a turning point. This led to a harrowing experience that left myself and my children homeless for our own safety.
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My background as a coach and trauma survivor allowed me to craft a toolbox for my own recovery. My journey from a tumultuous past to self-discovery inspired the creation of what I do today. Having overcome the scars of domestic abuse and a troubled upbringing, I immersed myself in over 15 years of therapy, NLP, CBT, psychology, and counselling.

Continuous personal and professional development is my commitment to empowering others, helping them break free from destructive patterns, and fostering self-love. Through shared experiences, we can reshape narratives and provide support that I longed for in my darkest moments.

Training & Experience

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I Intimately Understand

Having walked the challenging path of long term toxic abuse, mental health challenges, physical disabilities and homelessness, alongside being failed by the very systems that are set up to protect and support us, I intimately understand the complexities of rebuilding your life after the trauma of domestic abuse. My personal journey of resilience and transformation serves as a beacon of hope for those who may feel lost in the darkness of their own struggles.
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A Safe Haven for Transformation

Confusion To Clarity is not just an organisation; it's a sanctuary for those seeking solace, understanding, and a way forward.

It's a blend of psychology, therapies and trauma informed coaching to enable a person centred approach to your personal journey.

Fundamentally, person-centred approaches ensure that we see you as a unique individual with valuable gifts and contributions. Focusing on the elements of support and guidance that matter to you, not just following a scripted program.

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